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Alison Kenyon is a seasoned artist and performer whose creative journey has been a vibrant tapestry of colors, forms, and expressions.

For over a decade, Alison's artistic focus has centered primarily around the human body as a canvas, using her skills to transform people into intricate masterpieces. This unique perspective led her to excel in the world of body painting, infusing her creations with a dynamic blend of imagination, craftsmanship, and storytelling.

Alison's multifaceted talents have earned her recognition on a global stage, most notably as the second-place winner on the competition reality TV show "Skin Wars." Her ability to convey emotion, narrative, and aesthetics through her body painting has set her apart as a true visionary in her field.

Beyond body painting, Alison's artistic pursuits have taken her brushes to the walls, where she has transformed interior spaces into breathtaking works of art. Her murals grace the walls of businesses and private homes alike, adding a touch of magic and vibrancy to everyday surroundings.

Based in the Sierra Foothills of Northern California, Alison is currently undergoing a midlife renaissance; connecting her with a wellspring of new energy, passion, and a profound connection to the divine feminine. This resurgence has ignited a new chapter in her artistic journey, infusing her work with a renewed sense of purpose and authenticity. Her creations now resonate with a deeper understanding of a woman's experience, encapsulating the essence of femininity, empowerment, and spirituality.

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