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In 1993, Alison Kenyon began building an eclectic "artist's life" in San Francisco as a circus performer, visual artist, and costumer… and as an internationally recognized body painter; placing second on the competition reality TV show "Skin Wars." ​

After thirty years of ups and downs, completely rebuilding her clown business in the Sierra Foothills, motherhood, divorce, loss of direction, and a decade-long depression, Alison has reclaimed her sense of personal identity and vibrancy. This has taken shape not only in her newfound love of painting on two dimensional surfaces (as opposed to human bodies), but in a reconnection with her performance roots.  In the past year she's starred in a musical and made a name for herself playing 80s new wave hits on her ukulele at local venues.


Finding her footing in a new life chapter as a post-menopausal woman, and discovering her spiritual connection to The Divine Source energy, has infused her work with a renewed sense of purpose, authenticity, vibrance, and magick.  

This experience has called Alison to create sacred, deeply personal portraits of other women who have also undergone profound transformations of their own;  whether through the triumph of major weight loss, becoming a mother, or beating an illness, or the painful yet joyful rebirth that comes after divorce, grief, menopause, or other difficult life change, these women have taken a journey to become their own radiant Gilded Goddess.

It is Alison's true calling to translate their Divine radiance to the canvas.


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