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ALISON KENYON - The Divine Feminine

ALISON KENYON - The Divine Feminine

Alison Kenyon’s current series, "Modern Goddesses",  focuses on capturing the strength and enigmatic radiance of the women around us.

Ttransitioning into menopause in early 2023, Alison began a powerful “midlife renaissance”. Through her graduation from “mother” to “crone”, she tapped into a nascent wellspring of intuition, transformation, healing, and a profound connection to the Divine Feminine- in herself and all around. She says, "I’ve become consumed with capturing the regal beauty of women’s faces; not only their outer elegance, but also their inner power."  Using vibrant complementary colors and luxurious metallics on printed fabrics, Alison strives to evoke a sense of reverence for these Modern Goddesses through the echoes of gilded iconography.


Alison's favorite painting technique is working backwards from dark to light- a process that imbues each face with depth and luminosity. With each layer of pigment, the subjects gradually materialize; mirroring the transformative journey that women undertake as they age; rooting deeper into their inner radiance and resilience.  Each piece in the current “Modern Goddesses” series is created to reveal the enigmatic alchemy of feminine strength, wisdom, and magic.


Viewers are invited to reflect and resonate with their own paths, and with the Universal essence of feminine energy as they look upon these powerful women.

Art Portfolio - Alison Kenyon

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